Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh, Let The Sunneth Commeth

I've been a farmer pretty much my whole life.  I'm always complaining about the weather, otherwise they take my overalls away.  However, I must remember that last spring was so horrible, that we barely got any clear days at all.  We've actually gotten a few really nice days - both this month and last.  Again, this didn't happen last year.  It appears we are headed for a couple more this weekend - I'm very excited!  Lot's of work to be done and my tomatoes are in sore need of some good sun.  They should pop up nicely over the next few days.  Hopefully in a 3 weeks or so, they will be ready for your (and my) garden.

Until then, I've got a great selection of lettuce, brassicas, onions, herbs, and other good spring garden stuff available.  You can take a peek at what's available here.

Tray packs (both 6 & 4 packs) are $2.00 each. 
4" herbs/flowers/fruit are $2.50 each.
2" herbs/flowers/fruit are $2 each.
4" Veggies are $2.

You can inquire about any of these fine products by emailing me at

Thanks - enjoy the sun, I know I have lots of good ideas on how I'll be enjoying it.


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