Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 - Wait, What Happened to 2013?

Rip Van Hinkelman!!  Wake up!!  You've got blogs to write!!

Apparently, things got away from me last year and I never was able to sit down and write much about the pleasantries and inner workings of Winona Farms.  However, this is a new year!  I've not yet begun to fall asleep on this blog.  That said, I aim to keep hammering out some of these missives fairly periodically this year.  There is lots of fun stuff ahead, and I'm excited for 2014.

Winona Farms just got updated.  Some new varieties are listed, as is the norm each year.  This year, however, I've put out some special links for pics of the majority of peppers and tomatoes I'll be growing this year.  If for nothing else, they are certainly a fine sight to look at.

My unending search of more knowledge of all things plants has lead me into a deep dive into the biology of the soil.  From biodynamic composting to mineralizing my potting mixes, I continue to strive for better and healthier plants.  This has lead me to discover biological farming and the wonderful benefits to the soil, plants, animals, humans, and the earth in whole that it brings.  It's all very fascinating and my thirst for more knowledge remains unquenched.

One thing I will report from 2013 is the acknowledgement I received from the Neighborhood House.  I was the voluntary garden coordinator for them and I helped them increase their garden produce over 500%!  I was astounded at that achievement and I am humbled I could do it for such a wonderful group of people.  I will continue on as the garden coordinator for 2014, and I'm shooting for another 500% increase.  Updates will come in December.

Glad to have my hands back in the dirt.  Things get exciting next week as I begin to start planting peppers and tomatoes.  That also means, I get busier.  And HAPPIER!

Cheers to 2014!

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