Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome to March

...And it has welcomed itself largely by massive amounts of rain.  Then again, this is pretty normal, even after we had a wonderfully mild December.  Gotta get the rain to green everything up.  How else are we to make everyone envious of our beautiful area when they come visit in summer?

Set my first plants out for sale at Portland Homestead Supply.  Some lettuce, kale, and other greens are ready to go, as well as some strawberries and artichokes.  It's always exciting to get the season underway.

Of course, this being March, the farm is ramping up in work.  My first wave of tomatoes and peppers have been planted, which is the signal that the season really begins in earnest.  All my leftover herbs have been repotted, and I'm harvesting a bunch of strawberry runner plants to pot up this week as well.  And now that I have plants out for sale, I'll be out making deliveries too.  Good times!

I'm off to get in a run before I tackle more farm work.  It just so happens that I'll get a free bath along the way this time.  A warm shower will feel nice - so will my heated greenhouse when I'm potting up some herbs this afternoon!

Take care,

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