Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Greenhouse Pics

April is just around the corner.  The days are getting subtly warmer and longer.  Lots of good stuff is happening here on the farm.  Take a gander at some recent pics of the plants that are started.  The weekend of sunny weather really put a charge into everything.  I got to work outside, soaking up vitamin D, and potting up herbs.  I had a blast!

I've got a cart of plants set up at Barber World Foods, on the corner of Barbur Blvd and Capitol Hwy.  Just cool season crops at this point, and a good selection of hardy herbs.  The good weather has people getting out in the garden and buying some plants to begin spring planting.  It's a nice change from how cold and wet it was last year - I get the sense that people are cautiously optimistic about the coming months, perhaps we'll get a mild spring with some good sunny days?  So far, so good.

You can also find some of my starts at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply.  This is a really cool store, and I'm extremely happy to be able to have some of my plants on their shelves.  They just moved into a new space and are still getting settled.  But it's really a fun place to walk thru, and they have top quality plants from Edible Horizons and Wildcat Mountain Farm as well.  You can get your baby chicks there as well.  Always a fun thing to raise yourself.

Take care everyone - enjoy the week!


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